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If you have not been on safari with us before please send us the completed pre safari contact form. We will begin the process of matching your needs and expectations with our knowledge and experience in order to come up with the best possible safari itinerary personally crafted for you.

Sometimes an itinerary takes a while to evolve as we like to take the time to help you understand the many exciting options.


A safari designed specifically for enthusiastic golfers, keen birders or avid fishermen, even a safari for the specialists - dragonfly or dung beetle experts, for instance! - must be tailored specifically to requirements. This is when the intimate and fundamental knowledge of the experts in each of these fields in the different safari countries comes to the fore. Over a lifetime of living and working in Africa gives us the edge when it comes to finding just the person and operation to accommodate these sometimes unusual requests. Put us to the test!


'…birds bring the bush to life'. John Stevens learnt this as a young boy and indeed, on your safari in Africa with John you will not only experience wonderful bird viewing, but perhaps even become a converted 'birder' by the time you return home. At different times of the year there are 'hot spots' for rare and migrant species. You may wish to see the vast flocks of southern carmine Bee-eaters which visit the Luangwa and Zambezi Valleys from late August through to October or in Uganda and northern Zambia you may wish to stalk the very secretive shoebill. These different options can be tailored into your personal itinerary making birding the prime objective in destinations of your choice. John suggests the best results are achieved with small groups of like-minded birding enthusiasts. Arrive with patience and a good pair of binoculars, and John will do the rest. And, all the while, the African animal pageantry moves about you, whilst you learn of the trees, the plants, the insects and the dependency each has on the other.


Africa offers many opportunities for excellent and varied fishing, either as part of a safari or where the prime focus of your safari is to fish.

Tiger and bream fishing in Zimbabwe's Lake Kariba.

Fishing for Tigerfish, Chessa and Nkupe (even possibly a Vundu which can weigh up to 90 lbs) from the Zimbabwe or Zambia side of the Zambezi River.

Trout fishing in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Kenya.

Sport fishing in Rwanda and Uganda.


We talk about an expedition as opposed to a safari so that you will not base your expectations on normal safari experiences. On an expedition you need to be prepared to venture out of your comfort zone. For example, consider an expedition a trip to Rwanda, or a donkey trek in the Northern Frontier District of Kenya. It can be very hot, possibly humid as well; food may not always be up to scratch, or beds particularly comfortable; in fact standards are generally haphazard. You will need a sense of humour and plenty of enthusiasm in order to negotiate unforeseen events along the way, but in return you will certainly be rewarded with experiences few people ever have - perhaps after a tough walk, a sighting of a handsome silver back gorilla, feeding in a clearing in the middle of a central African forest! With the above in mind, and if you are adventurous at heart, get in touch with us for some ideas. If there is a country you wish to visit that is not listed on our site, contact us anyway as we know people who are well informed about destinations such as Ethiopia, Madagascar, Malawi, etc. We'd like to remind you that we custom design itineraries and these suggestions are simply to give you an idea of what can be done.

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