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If you have not been on safari with us before please send us the completed pre safari contact form. We will begin the process of matching your needs and expectations with our knowledge and experience in order to come up with the best possible safari itinerary personally crafted for you.

Sometimes an itinerary takes a while to evolve as we like to take the time to help you understand the many exciting options.

Wonderful safaris are available for those who are physically challenged and John Stevens Guided Safaris Africa endeavours to make the experience exciting, enriching, comfortable and safe. Until recently, such opportunities were not available, but you can make the most of this fantastic chance to go on a dream safari with one of the best guides in the world. Whether you have a bad hip or are confined to a wheelchair, it is simply a question of understanding your needs and constraints and adapting the safari itinerary to suit. In Africa, cheerful, willing help is always on hand when necessary - perhaps to lift or help you into a safari vehicle, canoe or balloon, over a difficult piece of terrain or up a step. We understand that bathrooms need to be easily accessible and that too many steps are usually out of the question.

Remember your puncture repair kit if you are in a wheelchair!

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