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If you have not been on safari with us before please send us the completed pre safari contact form. We will begin the process of matching your needs and expectations with our knowledge and experience in order to come up with the best possible safari itinerary personally crafted for you.

Sometimes an itinerary takes a while to evolve as we like to take the time to help you understand the many exciting options.


What is adventure? On safari, it is different things to different people and with John Stevens Guided Safaris Africa you are simply spoilt for choice! Choose from horse riding, camel treks, walking, flying, canoeing, kayaking or even consider embarking on an extraordinary expedition into one of Africa's magnificent remaining wilderness areas.

Various comfort levels and different physical fitness conditions must come into the mix under Adventure Safaris. Our understanding of your interests, desires and tolerance and fitness levels will give us a good idea of the kind of adventure experience we can offer. Each safari is designed to ensure your absolute enjoyment within your requirements and we cover the options in more detail as follows…


What better way to discover the real beauty of the African bush than on the back of a horse, where you are on even terms with the game? Making close contact with the wildlife, without the security of a vehicle, is an unforgettable experience. Riding is varied - a meandering walk through magnificent wilderness; at other times stalking big game and occasionally breaking into an exhilarating gallop amongst the herds, or standing sedately alongside a giraffe. We offer tailor-made riding safaris, as well as set-departures, in Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana and Malawi. There are different styles of safaris to suit every level of ability, from novice to experienced riders.


Flying between camps in a light aircraft, piloted by an experienced commercial aviator who is also your private safari guide, may seem like utter indulgence but it can make economic sense as well as saving valuable time. This is especially true for countries where camps and lodges are tucked away in remote corners and only easily accessible by small plane. And it can be rather extraordinary, as happens on the Skeleton Coast, to have your pilot/guide land on a remote air strip, totally inaccessible by vehicle, step out of his plane, take you on a fascinating walk, and at the end of the walk return to the plane and fly on to your overnight camp! John Stevens has colleagues who can take you on a wonderful flying adventure into Africa's remotest bush destinations.


“ … from a vehicle you see Africa. On foot you feel, hear and smell Africa.”

As you walk, the landscape becomes transformed. You have no idea how large an elephant is until you see it with nothing between you and it but an experienced guide and a couple of thorn bushes. As Peter Mathiessen puts it more poetically in his book, The Tree Where Man Was Born, “…on foot, the pulse of Africa comes through your boot. You are the animal among others, chary of the shadowed places, of the sudden quiet in the air.” Walking can be tailored to suit you - you may only want to walk a few kilometres at a time at a gentle pace or you might like to go out all day with a picnic lunch in your day pack; you may enjoy a mobile walking safari with camels or donkeys backing up with camp equipment, food and luggage; you might like to walk from camp to camp or you may choose to walk for a few days at a time with everything portered or carried on your back.

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