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Escape East Africa - Bushman’s holiday
Harpers & Queen
October 2005

A trip to safari paradise calls for a brave, strong and quick-witted guide to make you feel at home in the wild. Susie Cazenove and Eleanor Southall recommend 10 elephant wrestling heroes.

John Stevens

Stevens was born and bred in Zimbabwe, and now guides tourists all over South and East Africa and Gabon. He has incomparable bushcraft skills and practices ‘zero impact’ safaris, where there is no disturbance to the environment and guests get as close as possible to the wildlife to observe it without causing the animal any distress.

Favourite terrain. The Serengeti Plain in Tanzania and the Samburu National Reserve in Kenya. He never misses a chance to spend time in the Chyulu Hills with his good friend safari expert Richard Bonham.

Personal passion. Tracking wildlife.

Personal memorable bush experience. ‘One night in the Zambezi Valley, we saw three black rhino,’ says Stevens, ‘One of them encountered some buffalo bulls. The rhino approached the lead bull and they both lowered their heads menacingly. Rather than charging, they began to perform a sort of slow dance, which was delightful but very surprising- all seen by the light of the moon.’

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